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If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Job Search School can help.

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Hello, nice to meet you!

I help people find the job of their dreams.

My name is Tammy Homegardner and I am a Career Strategist and Job Search Coach, Best Selling Author, and Contributing Editor for Forbes. As the founder of the The Job Search School, I have helped many of them negotiate salaries beyond their expectations.

If you are unemployed and looking for a new job or if you are currently employed but need something more, I can help you. Your dream job is waiting…

Tammy Homegardner

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Know Why Most People Fail At The Job Search Today?

It is really very simple. Because they fail to plan.

In order to be successful in today’s job market, you must have a personalized job search plan that fits you! Most people go after the job search very piece-meal. They start doing anything they can think of to get a new position. And most end up spending all their time just applying for job after job (we call this “spraying and praying”) and never hear back.

Why The Job Search School Is Different

Not Just An Online Course

You will know exactly how to navigate the job search today so that you can land your dream job!

Personal Job Search Plan

This is a complete program with Tammy’s personal help. Profile Review and Resume Critique are included.

Value-Packed with Low Pricing

You will have access to career strategist Tammy Homegardner and her expertise anytime. Paying an hourly rate for a job coach would never allow for this type of support.

A Complete Step - By - Step Program

You get a customized job search plan from start to finish. An offer you won’t find anywhere else.

1 Full Calendar Year Access & Support

This membership is yours for a full calendar year. You can use the membership area and we will be here during that time with full support.

Tammy’s Personal Help

You get your questions answered by Tammy and unlimited support. She stays with you until you are hired.

6 Training Modules Plus BONUSES

Easy to follow training with each module building on the last. We will help you build a strong foundation for your job search and work up through making the advanced strategies easy for you! Our system has been proven to work!

Profile Review & Resume Critique

In-depth LinkedIn profile review and resume critique by Tammy Homegardner personally. She will make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are ATS proof so that you can start getting those interviews.

Templates, Tools & Magic Scripts

We will give you all the templates, tools and Magic scripts you will ever need when you join The Job Search School. We will give you ideas of what to say and when to say it for the best job opportunities in your job title and industry.

Weekly Online Calls

Join weekly live online calls with Tammy Homegardner, Job Coach and founder of The Job Search School, and get all your specific questions answered about your personal job search.

6 Main Modules Available Immediately!!

(Or Weekly If You Prefer)

LinkedIn Profile

Build a strong job search foundation right from the start by learning the correct way to do your LinkedIn profile so that you will be found by the best recruiters and hiring managers.

Set yourself up for success right from the start and make your profile stand out far above any of your competition.

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We will teach you to take a random list of past work experiences and turn that into an interview-getting machine! We will show you how to use the right keywords, best accomplishments and the perfect layout.

Most importantly,you will score highly enough on the ATS Systems so that you are the one to get those sought-after interviews.

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Networking and Connecting

You will get little known strategies to start networking with the right people who can help you with your job search. We will teach you to find recruiters and hiring managers that have opportunities in your job title and industry.

You will even get templates of what to say and when to say it to make networking easy (even if you hate networking or are an introvert).

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Online Job Boards

Run the perfect outbound job search. Learn which specific job boards to use for your job title and industry (and what job boards to stay far away from)!

We will show you our proven system to find the best job listings and not have your inbox overflowing with all the positions that are of no interest to you (this trick will save you a ton of time)!

The Hidden Job Market

In the fifth module of The Job Search School, we will show you our secret formula for finding the best job opportunities and how to get those jobs before your competition even knows they exist.

We will reveal how to tap into the hidden job market and find the jobs that are not advertised anywhere. These jobs represent 80% of the job market and this is where almost all of our clients find their dream Jobs.

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Advanced Job Search Strategies

In this module we will reveal advanced job search strategies and you will have a complete and personalized job search plan at your disposal! You will learn advanced job search strategies that you probably haven’t heard of. Strategies that just plain work and that your competitors aren’t using.

And, you have lifetime access so you can come back to review and get help at any time.

And These Bonuses, Too!

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Magic Scripts for Job Seekers

All the templates and scripts that you will need for your job search. We provide you with what to say and when to say it for each stage. From connection requests to follow-up after interviews. This is pure gold!

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Job Search for Over 50

If you feel like age is standing in your way of getting that dream position, we have the help that you need. We will show you what challenges you will face and how to overcome them and get your dream position.

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How to Deal with an Employment Gap

Many people have gaps in employment that could hurt their job search. Learn the right way to bridge these employment gaps so that it works to your advantage and helps you get the position you desire.