Sending Resumes, But Still Can’t Get Past the Bots and Hear Back?

Discover How to Get Noticed, Turn Job Applications Into Interviews, Interview Like a Pro and Get the Best Job Offers


Brought to you by Forbes Contributing Editor, Career Strategist, and Founder of the highly acclaimed Job Search School, Tammy Homegardner. Invest in yourself and your future as she walks you step-by-step through the proven strategies that more than 5,469 clients (and still counting) have used to secure the perfect jobs during some of the toughest job markets we have ever seen.


Join Tammy every week as your job search momentum builds and get personal help on YOUR unique job search.


The best job search education on the market, including unlimited access to Tammy's most popular job search programs.


Get your resume past the bots, hone your interview skills and fast track your job search to get the best job offers.


“Thanks for today…you guys are great, and the info is very helpful. Exceeding my expectations.”

~Treg T.


Job Search School Platinum Can Help You:

Beat The Bots!

To start getting those sought-after interviews, first you must get your resume past the AI- the Applicant Tracking Software, that weeds out the resumes so only the highest scoring applicants move on to the interview.

Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, & Anxiety

No more sending application after application that never get the call to interview. Instead, you'll start getting interviews for the positions YOU want - without spending all of your time poring over job boards and filling out those tedious applications that have not led you to success so far.

Set Yourself Up as a Top Candidate

Positioning yourself as the top candidate for the job of your dreams happens BEFORE you even start looking for jobs! Do the right things at the right time, and you'll be set up for success from the moment you start implementing our proven strategies.

Have A Personal Job Search Plan That Works

Eliminate the guesswork and spend your time on activities that are going to get you real results. No more "hit and miss" approaches. At long last, you'll have a job search plan that actually WORKS in the modern job market - and you'll know exactly what to do every step of the way, to get that dream job fast.


“This has been a wonderful experience and well worth the investment. The value of your resources and knowledge has been so helpful. Thank you.”

~Lorie B.

The “Dream Job Formula” Is The Job Search School Platinum

6 weeks of training, materials, and tools so that you can effectively start getting offers for the job title you are targeting now – Each week builds on the next, giving you a complete job search plan whether you are a seasoned professional in management or a top executive looking for that next C-suite role.

And with Tammy’s professional review and help with your LinkedIn and resume, you cannot fail! And once you are interviewing, you will have the interview skills and preparation needed to stand out as the top candidate.

You’ll have unlimited access and support all the way through negotiating your best job offer. We will stand by you until you are hired. Your dream job is waiting.

Module 1

Building the Foundation

⊕ Training with Tammy
⊕ Your LinkedIn profile step by step
⊕ The “open-to-work” feature
⊕ Best keywords for your job title
⊕ Career Break or Job Gap Statement

Module 2

Resume & LinkedIn Profile

⊕ Step by step resume workshop
⊕ ATS proof your resume
⊕ Bridging a gap
⊕ What hiring managers look for
⊕ Making a career transition

Module 3

Managing the Job Boards

⊕ How to find the best jobs for you
⊕ What job boards to use
⊕ What job boards NOT to use
⊕ How to find hiring managers contact info
⊕ Eliminating most of the competition


Module 4

"The Hidden" Job Market

⊕ Using the “Hidden Job Market”
⊕ Finding Jobs with no competition
⊕ Using Branding Statements to get the job
⊕ How to get top salary for your position
⊕ Follow up after the application

Module 5

Advanced Strategies

⊕ Finding positions beyond the job boards
⊕ Networking made super easy
⊕ Find the companies you want to work for
⊕ Job listings you don’t know about
⊕ Using Value Proposition Letters to insure success

Module 6

Interviewing Techniques

⊕ Answers to Interview Questions
⊕ Types of Interviews
⊕ Virtual and In-person
⊕ Salary Negotiation
⊕ Perfect Interview  Prep




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~Mary S.

Meet Your Career Coach & Job Search Strategist

Tammy Homegardner


Tammy Homegardner is a Career Coach and Job Search Strategist, Best-Selling Author, and Contributing Editor for Forbes. As the founder of the The Job Search School, Tammy has already helped literally thousands of people find jobs and negotiate salaries beyond their wildest dreams.

She uses her knack for LinkedIn, as well as her extensive experience in sales and marketing, to teach job search strategies that have helped her clients win thousands of jobs from mid-management on up through C-Suite level – and get offers with bigger salaries and compensation packages, now being enjoyed by families across the globe.

Tammy gives you no BS feedback that helps make your dreams happen, so YOU can make a real difference in your chosen field. Plus, she shares a tight-knit online community of rockstar job seekers and past clients that champion each other every day. In fact, the community may be the thing Tammy is most proud to have created.

If you are unemployed and looking for a new job, or if you are currently employed but need something more, Tammy can help you. Your dream job is waiting…

Job Search School Platinum is more than just an online course. It’s a full suite of education, live question and answer sessions, tools, apps, support, and personalized help all rolled into one.




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“I registered for Tammy's Job Search School, and her exercises, scripts, and methods are worth their weight in gold! If you are feeling discouraged in your job search, I highly recommend Tammy's services. You won't be disappointed! Thank you, Tammy, for all that you do!”

~Evan H.

Our Guarantee

We do not guarantee the specific result that you will get a job. However, we believe in you and will guarantee that you will have all the training, tools, and personal support to achieve success. We would not make such a guarantee if we didn’t feel that you had every chance to be successful in our program. Please refer to the terms & conditions for additional details about our refund policy.


Yes, we do. On the order page simply choose 3 monthly payments of $997.

You can get started right away. When you order, you will be taken directly to your platinum membership and can get started with the first introductory module. Be sure to be on the lookout for emails from us to welcome you and notify you of your training and weekly live Q&A with Tammy.

Yes, our program can help anybody at any stage of their professional career with any job title in any industry. This is a personal service, and we can help you no matter your goal or what you are experiencing in your job search. We are here for your support until you are hired.

That would be unethical to promise you that you will get a job. A job search depends on you. You have to do some of the work and show up to the interview and sell yourself. So while we cannot guarantee that you are definitely going to get that dream job, we do promise that you will have the training, tools, and personal support to succeed.

It is our philosophy that you are the best writer for your resume. You alone know your experience and accomplishments best. We do, however provide you with  an easy to follow resume writing workshop, our proprietary resume template that has proven to get our clients more calls to interview, and Tammy will do a very thorough top to bottom critique of your resume personally to ensure that it is right for your job title and industry. She will also make sure it is ATS-friendly so that you get those sought-after interviews.

Tammy specializes in age discrimination (among other things) and she can help you to know what hiring managers and recruiters look for and how to avoid any pitfalls or traps that might hurt your job search. Age and experience should be an asset to your job search and we will help you to utilize those to your benefit and avoid all age related biases.

Our program is unique in many ways. First it is a “program”, not just a course, so you get personalized help along the way and unlimited support. Others don’t include a resume review and profile critique, they charge much more for those. In the Job Search School, that is included in the program. And most importantly, the courses out there expire after the training weeks are up. With our program, you get unlimited access to the training materials for a year AND Tammy will stay with you via support until you get hired!

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