5 Ways to Move Up the Ladder

There are numerous reasons why someone wants to climb the corporate ladder—money, ambition, vision–the list goes on and on! If you are looking up and wondering how to get there, these 5 simple, sure-fire tips will help you get ahead!

1.) Know what it is you want.

The only way to achieve your goal is to know what it is you want. Is it a title? Salary? Specific responsibilities? Is it a role within a company you admire? The opportunity to develop policy and protocol? Whatever your dream, understanding what you want to do and why will help you recognize and seize opportunities as they come your way.

2.) Become an expert in your field.

While you should continue to keep your eye on the prize, you are never going to get there if you are not excelling where you are. Make yourself an invaluable resource by understanding your position and company processes so thoroughly that you are the go-to person to ask.

3.) Go beyond your job description.

Go above and beyond each task assigned, showing you are eager to learn and grow. Remember that this does not mean taking over another person’s responsibilities (unless asked to), but showing that you put your heart into all that you do, doing it well. Be sure to ask questions and learn from mistakes.

4.) Know when to step up, and when to step back.

When people think about climbing the corporate ladder, they assume that they need to take charge – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it’s important for you to be a leader, but it is also important for you to know when to step back and take orders, working well as part of a cross-functional team.

5.) Build genuine relationships.

Cultivate a positive work environment by being respectful, collaborative, and kind, demonstrating a willingness to help, and a dedication to the company’s mission. Be personable (yet professional), and a friendly member of the team. Believe it or not, interpersonal skills are vital to your success.

As you work your way to the top, remember that your character and integrity matter. Be the model employee, keeping your eyes ahead without losing sight of those around you. Be reliable, flexible, and do your work consistently, striving to exceed expectations.

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