How to Write a Resume in 2021

Now that we are well underway in this new year, many of us still have hopes for our futures. If a new job is one of them, drafting a timeless resume is key. Here are 5 tips to ensure your success.

1.) Make your resume ATS friendly

Most companies use an ATS (applicant tracking system) to sort through and rate candidates of interest. Using a resume that’s not geared towards the ATS can hurt your chances of being called for an interview (no matter how qualified you are). Be sure to avoid prefabricated layouts – drafting a resume that has plenty of spacing with clear, concise information.

2.) Include a short strong summary that lists your top skills

Recruiters and hiring managers spend a whopping 7 seconds giving a resume a review before they decide if they want to read further. As such, including a short summary that includes a relevant accomplishment and some bulleted skills right at the top provides the “cliff notes”, enticing those reviewing your resume to want to learn more. Make sure that you customize this for each application.

3.) If you are out of work, there is no reason to provide a reason why

Let’s face it – 2020 was a challenging year. Millions of Americans lost their jobs. If you were one of many who lost a job due to the pandemic, there is no need to mention that within your resume. You are welcome to discuss your layoff during an in-person interview, but for the sake of time (and a need to sell your candidacy), focus on highlighting your experience instead. 

4.) Include a job gap statement if needed.

While most recruiters and hiring managers understand that it does take time to find a new job, including a job gap statement on your resume could be useful if your gap is more than 9 -12 months depending on your level of authority. I recommend using the title you are seeking, and providing a brief synopsis of what you have been doing since (such as obtaining a certification or volunteering for a local non-profit).

5.) Keep it to 2 pages, 3 max

With the exception of higher academic positions, 2-3 pages is more than acceptable for any standard resume. Limit your resume to the last 10-15 years of experience (20 tops) to draw attention to your most recent accomplishments and condense your history. Be sure to list your degrees and certifications as well, sans dates (unless completed within the last 3 years).

If you are having a difficult time creating a resume, my Perfect Resume Builder can help. With an ATS-friendly template, and tips and tricks to help you customize your resume with ease, my program has been proven effective by thousands of fully satisfied clients (and counting!) who have made it past the ATS and onto an in-person interview. What are you waiting for? Take time to invest in your future today! 

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