Should I Use a CV Rather Than a Traditional Resume?

When people begin to search for a job, they tend to see the terms resume and CV used interchangeably–which can be confusing. Though a resume and CV serve a similar purpose, the format of each is quite different. A resume is a standard document that lists your work history, and a CV (deriving from the Latin expression Curriculum Vitae, meaning “the course of my life”) is more detailed, containing a lengthy review. While CVs are popular throughout Europe, a standard resume is all that is required here in the United States – with the exception of higher academic and research positions.

So what should my resume contain?

Your resume should be ATS-friendly, and contain work history that is limited to the last 15 years. A general synopsis of your skills and achievements is needed, as well as specific responsibilities for each job. You also want to list all degrees and certifications. Depending on your background, a resume typically averages 2 pages in length. Since a CV is more detailed than a resume, it should contain specific work history, teaching experience, research, publications, and speaking engagements going beyond 15 years—and can be 3 or more pages in length. As such, it is not a document most professionals need when conducting a job search.

What if I don’t know how to write a resume?

The job search process has drastically changed, with ATS (applicant tracking system) software generally sorting through applications and resumes prior to them ever making it to a live person. Resumes that are not formatted and optimized properly are pushed to the side, regardless of how qualified a candidate may be. This is the reason why so many job seekers send out application after application and hear nothing back!

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