Are You a Fit for Multiple Openings at the Same Company

Are You a Fit for Multiple Openings at the Same Company? Dos and Don’ts.


Are you searching for a new job? Have you found multiple openings at the same company? Though you may be excited to hit send for each of them, I strongly advise that your take a brief pause. Believe it or not, applying to numerous roles at the same employer is not always the best course of action.

You may appear indecisive.

If you apply for multiple roles at the same company, no matter how qualified you may be, recruiters and hiring managers may not view you as a serious candidate. They may think you are inflating your history, applying to any and every position out of desperation. I cannot tell you how many recruiters have said that people will flood company websites with applications that are not even a match for their skill set to draw attention to their resumes. Well, their resume sure does draw some attention, but I can assure you it is not in the way they had hoped.

A job search requires excellent focus.

When you are searching for a new job, please take a moment to decide what it is you want to do. List out your hard skills and transferable skills, and think about which of those you enjoy. Then, determine your negotiables and non-negotiables so that you can narrow your options down to positions you genuinely want. You spend so much of your life at the workplace. Finding a fulfilling role is essential to your overall health and well-being. Plus, a more focused search nets a better result.

How to handle multiple openings at the same company.

I recommend that you only apply to jobs similar in title and function, rather than entirely different roles. This way, a recruiter or hiring manager will see that you are consistent with your search – you have focus, direction, and likely, a unique skill set. Recruiters and hiring managers will also recognize that your background is, in fact, a match for these openings and may even begin pulling your resume up for roles that are similar (and not yet posted).

So, if there are openings at a company that are related by title and duties, then go ahead and apply. You just need to avoid looking like a jack of all trades, master of none.

The job-search challenge.

Whether you are new to the job search scene or searching for a new job for quite some time, the job search process has changed drastically. Remote opportunities have brought a new slew of competition with them, as people across the country (and the world) vie for the same positions. As such, applicant tracking systems (ATS) sort through and rank resumes of interest before sending them off to a live person for review. Hence, so many job seekers never receive a response – their resume didn’t do well with the ATS.

But that is not all.

There are countless job boards to choose from and interview platforms to master. Networking sites like LinkedIn have to be optimized, and candidates need to know how to make themselves stand out. The process isn’t easy unless, of course, you know how to get noticed.

That’s where I come in.

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