6 Tips to help you advance your career

6 Tips to Advance Your Career

Everyone wants to get ahead with their career, but not everyone knows how. With so much information available, and a fear of getting it wrong, most feel overwhelmed. If this sounds like you, please know it isn’t as complicated as you may think. Here are six simple tips to help you advance in your career – bringing you where you want to be.

1.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

One of the most significant mistakes employees can make is to keep up the appearance of “knowing it all.” Guess what? Nobody does. I encourage my team here at The Job Search School to ask questions, and I’m sure your boss does too. The more you ask, the more you can learn, and the more you know, the more you can grow. Ask away!

2.) Appreciate the small jobs, and do them with precision.

You have likely heard the adage that there are “no small roles, only small actors.” The same applies to work. No matter what the assignment is, do it with all you’ve got – providing the very best finished product possible. Little actions do not go unnoticed and can help you become an expert within your field.

3.) Ask for new projects, no matter how mundane.

Show an interest in new projects, asking for a seat at the table (regardless of what task is assigned). Demonstrate an eagerness and willingness to learn, showcasing your desire to grow and be helpful. Doing so will make you an integral team member, solidifying your value with the company long-term. 

4.) Seize opportunities to expand your skill-set.

If a course you can enroll in presents itself, take it. An opportunity to join an employee resource group? Take it. A networking opportunity? Take it. Any and every opportunity presented can foster your personal and professional development. Remember, you never know what information you will learn or connections you will make.

5.) Check in-house job listings regularly.

Many companies prefer to hire from within rather than externally, so keep your eye on your company’s job board. And, since you work there, you will know exactly who to speak with to promote your candidacy. If you build a good reputation, the sky is the limit

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