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Best Work Habits to be Valued by the Boss

We all want to feel valued at work, but sometimes it can be a little bit challenging to get on your boss’s radar. If you wonder what you can do to get noticed and feel appreciated, these three simple tips can help!

1. Professionalism.

While you may think being “professional” goes without saying, you would be surprised to know how many employees fail to act that way. Bosses want employees who refrain from gossiping, own the brand and care about how they present themselves. This means that you should choose to take the “high road” throughout the workday by being constructive with your speech, communicative with your needs, and committed to achieving shared goals and objectives.

2. Accountability.

Bosses want to see employees take responsibility for the good and bad – so that they can learn from their mistakes, grow through their accomplishments, and be the best they could possibly be. So, when employees scapegoat and fail to take responsibility for their actions, it hinders their ability to do well – posing a challenge for the team. Be willing to learn, improve, and grow, and you will shine.

3. Dependability.

Bosses want to know that you are there to take on new tasks, show up when needed, and answer the call when it rings (within reason). Demonstrate that you are dedicated and dependable while being mindful of your personal time too. Trust me when I say that “healthy” bosses do not want to see you lose out on work-life balance – they just want to know that you’ll get the job done when you say you will.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. once said, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” As you look to develop habits to get noticed by your boss, simply “do your best.”

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