Is anyone hiring during the holidays? Get a job in time for the new year!

Top 3 Reasons to Keep Up Your Job Search During the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, many job seekers will decide to “take some time off” from their job search, choosing to resume after the new year. This is a BIG mistake.

Contrary to popular belief, whether you are unemployed and searching for a new job, or simply looking to make a career change – the holidays are one of the BEST times of the year to search for, and land, the job of your dreams. Here’s why:

1.) Employers ARE hiring.

Take a look at any job board and you will see that countless companies are hiring for all different kinds of positions – many of which they hope to fill by the coming year. Companies want to make sure to start the year off strong – fully staffed and ready to go. As such, the interview and onboarding process is usually more streamlined. Best of all, many employers will allow you to begin after January 1st so that you can enjoy your holiday season.

2.) There is less competition.

Because so many people decide to take the holidays off from their job search, fewer candidates are in the applicant pool – meaning less competition. Remember, millions of people resigned from their jobs this year, searching for something better, so competition has been fierce. This is your chance to stand out – NOW is the time to apply!

3.) More opportunities to network.

Think about all of the festivities that are ahead: the opportunity to network with friends, family, and other professionals is seemingly endless! Work on your pitch (short and sweet) to let people know what you are doing and what you hope to do. Referrals fill many roles, so getting yourself out there through networking (both online and in-person) is key.

Want to make sure you stand out?

~ Customize your resume for each position you apply to. This means changing up your skills, accomplishments, and experience to match the job description. Your resume should focus on the last 10-15 years, and be no more than 3 pages in length.

~ Optimize your LinkedIn profile, utilizing industry-specific keywords throughout your headline and summary. Target your top 2 positions of interest – but no more. Be sure to join various groups, follow numerous companies, and build as many connections as possible.

~ Plan and prep for your interview – having statements prepared that address any job gaps and speak to any transitions. Research the company thoroughly, and be ready to negotiate for what you want.

No matter the reason behind your job search, my comprehensive training program here at The Job Search School can help! Learn how to:

• Transition into a new career.
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This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a job you love.

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