How Do I Use the Filters Correctly on a LinkedIn People Search?

One invaluable feature that LinkedIn offers is the ability to search for and connect with people at various companies or within various positions. While you can easily type a name or title within the search bar, the filters feature can provide you with a much more targeted approach that specifies the company, the location, and your connection level.

First, select “people” and then “all filters” (which is located to the right). You then have the option to list out a person’s name or title (or both), past and/or present employer (you can select multiple at a time), location (likely the city or region you are interested in working in), and connection level. There are other filters that can be used as well (such as school affiliation or language), but these are the most common.

A 1st connection is someone you are connected to, and a 2nd connection is a person who is connected to one of your 1st connections (say that 5 times fast!). 3rd connections are everyone else. Think of it this way: a 1st connection is a person who lives directly next-door, and a 2nd connection is a person who lives directly next-door to your neighbor. Everyone else in your neighborhood would be considered a 3rd connection.

You can contact professionals that are 1st or 2nd connections with a free LinkedIn account, and 3rd connections if you have LinkedIn Premium. For example, if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, have a basic LinkedIn membership, and wanted to find a recruiter that works for Amazon, you would select “people”, “all filters” and then:

• Title: Recruiter
• Location: Dallas-Fort Worth
• Company: Amazon
• Connection: 1st or 2nd

If you know the individual’s name, you can include that, too. Remember, job titles vary by company, and usually contain two distinct parts that demonstrate a person’s hierarchical standing and functional role. A position such as Business Development Director could also be listed as Regional Sales Manager, Account Director, Senior Business Development Manager, Director of Sales, Area Director, etc. so, you may need to get creative when searching for specific individuals by title.

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