How Do Recruiters Find and Use Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is the premier job search platform, providing job seekers and employers alike with the opportunity to connect. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, I encourage you to get one, and if you do have one, I encourage you to use it to the fullest potential. With LinkedIn, the possibilities for career development are endless, making it well worth your time and energy.

If you are currently looking for a job, or plan on searching for one soon, it is important to learn how recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to sort through potential candidates. This way, you can get your profile in the best of shape, appearing at the top of recruiter lists as they try to find the candidate that is best suited and most qualified.

Recruiters find your profile within their search when your LinkedIn is optimized using various keywords. 

Optimize your profile for the position you are searching for by utilizing keywords within your headline and your summary. You can do this by searching for various positions of interest and listing specific skills that are commonly posted for the types of roles you are seeking. Endorsements for skills and recommendations from connections help to strengthen your profile visibility as well, so be sure to obtain many from your colleagues.

Recruiters locate your profile when you are part of their immediate and expanded network.

LinkedIn provides you with the ability to connect with recruiters and companies, allowing you more visibility than a standard job application does. By following various companies of interest, joining industry specific groups, and sending connection requests to key recruiters, your ability to be found and connect expands. You can even message recruiters for free with a standard LinkedIn account if they are a 1st or 2nd connection.

For example:

Hi [Name]:

I see that you are a ______________ recruiter in the _____________ industry. I am interested in talking with you. Can we connect?

[Your Name]


Hi [Name]:

I see that you are a ______________ recruiter for [company name]. I am interested in talking with you. Can we connect?

[Your Name]

Recruiters are used to being contacted through LinkedIn, and utilize connections and contacts through there to frequently fill roles (even prior to posting them). So, providing you are respectful and not aggressive in your communication, doing so is perfectly acceptable (proving to be a great resource for recruiters and you)!

Recruiters use your LinkedIn to screen your experience prior to contacting you for an initial interview.

Does your resume and LinkedIn profile show any inconsistencies? Are you lacking endorsements or recommendations? Have you posted or shared anything that may be questionable? Once a recruiter finds your profile, they are going to go through it with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that your skills, experience, and endorsements match up with what they are looking for before they reach out. LinkedIn is a way for them to gauge a candidate before or after an application is received–prior to an initial interview—so that they can see if this is a connection they want to pursue.


• Dates between your LinkedIn profile and resume should align. Any difference may cause a recruiter to think you are hiding something, which is a major red flag.

• Just because you are a part of numerous groups does not mean you have to participate in them all, but it will expand your network. So, join as many industry specific and local groups that you can find so that you appear in recruiter searches.

• The more endorsements and recommendations you receive from former and current colleagues, the better. If you are having trouble receiving recommendations, simply reach out to your connections and ask. Most people are happy to help.

By utilizing keywords to enhance your profile and taking the necessary steps to strategically expand your network, recruiters can and will find your LinkedIn profile and use it to fill vacant roles (whether they are posted or not)!

If you are new to the job search scene, I am here to help. My comprehensive training program at The Job Search School will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume, providing you with the tools necessary to be found by key recruiters, pass the ATS systems, and obtain your dream job.

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