How LinkedIn's #open to work feature work.

How to Use the Open to Work Feature on LinkedIn

Once the pandemic hit and millions of people lost their jobs, LinkedIn got creative in allowing people to display that they were open to working by creating an Open to Work feature. You have likely seen it as you have scrolled through profiles, shown as a green frame around photos with the #hashtag (you’ve guessed it) that says Open to Work. But the benefits of Open to Work go far beyond just the photo opportunity provided.  Here is how this LinkedIn feature works:

When you select the Open to Work Feature, recruiters become aware of your search.

Millions of recruiters that work directly for companies or through independent agencies utilize LinkedIn to source candidates. LinkedIn’s Open to Work feature allows you to show up with priority in their searches since you are actively searching and open for work. This is excellent news if you are searching for a job since a recruiter (or hiring manager) can come across your profile and reach out, knowing you will be interested.

Though LinkedIn’s Open to Work Feature is an excellent tool to use, it is not Ideal if you are currently employed and searching for a job.

Do note that though LinkedIn takes various precautions to ensure no one from your present company sees that you are searching (if you are searching for a job while employed), nothing is ever foolproof. As such, I only suggest using this feature if you are unemployed and looking for a job, not if you are employed and searching. If your employer gets wind that you are job hunting, it could make for an uncomfortable situation.

How to set up LinkedIn’s Open to Work feature.

Select your profile picture, then “view profile.” At the top of your profile is your introduction card.  Click the “Open” button and provide the requested information. You can then select whether all LinkedIn members or only recruiters can see that you are open to opportunities. As stated before, if you are currently employed, I firmly advise avoiding this feature altogether (even if you are only on recruiters’ radar). But, if you are unemployed, select whichever you prefer.

LinkedIn’s Open to Work feature is only one part of the job search spectrum.

Though this new feature is undoubtedly beneficial, you cannot just set it and hope for a recruiter to reach out magically. Your LinkedIn profile has to be optimized to meet the needs of the positions you are searching for so that you show up as a qualified candidate within recruiter searches. This is achieved by utilizing various keywords within your headline and summary and carefully crafting your most recent experience and accomplishments in a way that enhances your candidacy.

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