How to find the hidden job market

Tapping into the Hidden Job Market Using LinkedIn

Let me tell you a secret: There is a Hidden Job Market out there, and it is responsible for filling over 70% of positions. If you have never heard of the Hidden Job Market, you are not alone. Most job seekers aren’t aware that one exists, unsure of what it is or how to access it! In short, the Hidden Job Market is a list of open positions that NEVER make it to the job boards. Instead, they are filled by people directly through strategic networking. Best of all, whether you are networking in person or online, LinkedIn is an incredible resource you can use! Here’s how you can tap in:

1.) Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized by using various keywords across your headline and summary. List your most recent accomplishments and work experience (10-15 years), as well as your educational history (sans dates unless you earned a degree in the past 3 years). You want to make sure you are highlighting what your top skills are, as well as what you can achieve.

2.) Expand your network

The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the better your chances of being found by a recruiter, hiring manager, or fellow employee.  This goes beyond just connecting with individuals directly. Expand your network by hundreds or thousands by joining various industry-specific groups, as well as following companies of interest.

3.) Maximize your presence

Post relevant topics, respond to related materials, utilize hashtags, and follow the latest trends. Remember to always remain professional, never engaging in political or religious banter. Cheer on your fellow colleagues for their achievements, and be bold in sharing your own. Doing so can draw attention to your candidacy.

4.) Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers

Messages can be sent to any 1st-degree connection with a free LinkedIn account. And you can make new and beneficial connections, but be sure to include a note. You can, for example, say: Hi Jim: I see that you are a Senior Recruiter for [company name]. I am interested in talking with you. Can we connect? Rachel.

Or, if you are already connected: Hi Jim: I have been a Project Manager for 10+ years, and am most interested in working for [company name]. Any direction you could provide would be much appreciated! Thank you! Rachel

5.) Don’t stop there…

While most people focus on connecting with recruiters and hiring managers only, it is wise to connect with peers as well. For one thing, numerous companies offer employees a bonus for finding candidates that meet their needs, meaning people who are not necessarily within a position to hire are financially motivated to help fill a role. The more people you know, the better your chance of being that person! A simple message such as “Hi Jamal: I see you work for ABC company – I’ve heard many great things. I’m expanding my network and thought it made sense to connect. Thanks! Samuel” can open many doors!

No matter where you are with your job search journey, my comprehensive training program here at The Job Search School can help. Learn how to tap into the Hidden Job Market, optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume, nail your interview, and much more! I have helped thousands of job seekers land their dream job, and would love to help you too! Contact me today!

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