Ready to transition from the military to the civilian workforce

The Transition from the Military into the Civilian Workforce

If you are transitioning from the military and into the civilian workforce, I must start by thanking you for your service. While you may feel a bit unsure about this change, please know that individuals and companies alike value and appreciate what you have sacrificed for our country. With a bit of guidance, you will be well on your way to success.

You have soft skills that will transfer to almost any industry

Technical skills consist of a specific program or mechanical knowledge needed for certain industries. Still, soft skills are necessary for many jobs, such as team leadership, communication, project management, customer service, etc. So, while you may fall short with some technical points, soft skills can enhance your candidacy.

Know what you want to do before you start your search

Once you figure out what your top skills are, try to decide what positions are a match for you. Reflect on what industries spark your interest and what tasks make you feel fulfilled. I also recommend thinking about your salary requirements, desired benefits, and what you need from a position as far as work-life balance.

Create an ATS-friendly resume and an optimized LinkedIn profile.

Companies now use ATS (applicant tracking system) software to pre-screen applications. The higher your resume scores, the better your chance of an interview. To get your resume through the ATS, it needs to be free of formatting (such as images or borders) and customized for each position. Your LinkedIn will need to be updated as well, using industry-specific keywords.

Network with other professionals and locate military-friendly employers

Countless companies are committed to hiring and training veterans, encouraging service members to apply (and given preference). The US Department of Labor website and Veterans’ Groups are a great place to start. Networking with other professionals (in person or online) is essential as well, informing them of your search and interest.

Know that sometimes, internal candidates are involved, listings close, or companies change their offerings. As such, rejection can happen, and a job search can take some time. Continue to apply to jobs of interest, even if you are working through the interview process with numerous companies. It is best to keep the ball rolling until you have a firm offer in hand.

If you need additional assistance with your job search, my comprehensive program here at the Job Search School has helped thousands of professionals land dream positions. I am proud to say that many of them are veterans. With information on finding jobs of interest, creating the perfect resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, nailing your interview, and more, I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

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