#hashtags on LinkedIn for job seeking

How to Get Noticed With #hashtags on LinkedIn

I receive dozens of inquiries each week from job seekers who are following companies, joining groups, and contacting various individuals on LinkedIn to expand their network. They wonder what else they could be doing to increase their exposure, to which I respond post with “#hashtags”. The use of hashtags maximizes your audience and ability to connect, putting you on the radar of recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone else who is following similar topics. Here are 3 simple tips to get started:

1.) Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

It’s not wise to begin building a presence on LinkedIn before your profile is complete. Make sure your profile contains an updated, professional photo, and uses specific keywords within your headline and summary. I advise my clients to list 15 years of their work experience, sans educational dates, with a focus on relevant skills, and accomplishments. With over 2000 characters available for use, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to include more information than you could on your resume, so feel free to be as detailed as possible.

2.) Find #hashtags to follow.

You can find hashtags by typing them within LinkedIn’s search bar (be sure to use a #hashtag when writing them) and then selecting “follow”. This helps you remain aware of discussions surrounding those topics by displaying them on your feed. Be sure to select hashtags that are industry specific (such as #informationtechnology #saas or #accounting) as well as others of interest (#hiring or #salesdevelopment – something that matches what you are looking to do). Contributing to these conversations when they come up can put you within reach of other like-minded professionals, helping you network with those who are hiring (or know someone who is). You can manage the hashtags you follow in the community boxes located to the left of your homepage feed. 

3.) Determine which #hashtags to use.

Figure out which hashtags you should start using within your own posts, so that key individuals can see them. If you are searching for a job, your hashtags should relate to what is trending and include something like #jobsearch or #opentoopportunities. You can even list your industry (#mechanicalengineering #computerprogramming) and a specific skill (#businessdevelopmentexecutive #customerrelations). Incorporate the hashtags in all your posts (the optimal number of hashtags suggested is five).

Remember, though LinkedIn can sometimes become a bit of a social platform, keep it professional. If you see a post that begins to get a bit dicey, regarding politics, religion, or topics that are questionable, avoid sharing your opinion. Limit your contributions to industry-related topics only so as not to affect your candidacy.

Whether you have just started on your job search journey or have been at it for quite some time, I can help. My comprehensive training program will show you exactly what you need to do to get more calls to interview, with tips and tricks to help you from the search and application process through to salary negotiations. To learn more, register for my free Masterclass!

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