What if you haven't worked for a long time due to covid?

Job Gap Due to COVID

I have had countless clients and job seekers, in general, contact me over the past year concerned about a gap in employment due to COVID-19. Depending on their industry, some individuals have been out of work since March 2020 – a long time! With the pandemic now at a year and a half, I can understand their concern.

If you have a job gap due to COVID, please know that you are not alone. You, along with millions of other professionals, have experienced quite a challenging time. Recruiters and hiring managers understand this. And, while you are likely aware that a COVID gap is an acceptable one, you may still be worried about how to position yourself.

A gap in employment is not an issue but a lack of growth is.

Everyone understands that this past year and a half has been anything but ordinary – employers as well. You need to demonstrate that you have been active throughout this season: taking additional training courses, obtaining a certification, managing various personal projects, volunteering within your community, or consulting.

If you have been unemployed for more than a year, including a job gap statement

Everyone knows that COVID resulted in mass unemployment – so when you create a job gap statement, do so without referring to the pandemic. Within your job gap statement, list your desired title. Then include a snippet of your experience and what you have been doing. State that you are now interested in obtaining full-time employment.

Be confident when explaining your gap.

Develop and practice a response to describe your gap so that you are comfortable when asked. For example:

As an Event Manager, I was furloughed in March of 2020 due to the pandemic. I had a difficult time finding a new, permanent role due to the ongoing shutdowns. During this time, I worked as an Event Consultant for ABC Company and 123 Company, managing numerous events and administrative projects. With businesses beginning to reopen, I am looking forward to obtaining a full-time position within Event Management. I believe my skills and experience are well suited to your needs.

Ask for help.

Though numerous employers are hiring, the job market is more competitive than it ever was before. Many people are looking to transition into new industries, and negotiating the terms of employment has never been more challenging. My free job search masterclass can provide you with some additional tips and tricks to navigating this tricky market so that you can obtain a position you genuinely love. Sign up today to learn more!

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