Your resume doesn't need an objective, but it does need a customized summary.

Does Your Resume Need an Objective Statement?

A resume doesn’t need an objective statement, but it does need a customized summary.  Here’s why, along with some examples:

Objectives on resumes are outdated. Summaries are not.

I recommend including a brief, 3-4 sentence summary instead of an objective on your resume. Your summary should briefly describe your title, years of experience, and top skills. It is a way for a recruiter or hiring manager to glance at your resume and gain all the information they need quickly.

According to, employers spend just 7 seconds scanning a resume. So, your summary is critical! Tailor your summary for each position you apply to. This ensures your resume makes it past the ATS (applicant tracking system) and through to a live person.

Here’s an example for you to review:

Business Development Manager with 10+ years of experience delivering sales strategies that generate growth and revenue, surpassing assigned targets. Expand markets throughout a given region by establishing, maintaining, and expanding key relationships that achieve objectives. Background includes account management, team leadership, marketing, and communications. Certified Sales Professional (CSP).

Is there ever a time to include an objective on a resume?

While I do not suggest including an objective on your resume, there are reasons to be a little more specific. For example, if you are transitioning from one role to another, you want to note that within your summary.

Copywriter with 5+ years of experience. Interested in transitioning into a direct-hire, full-time position. Expertise creating engaging content that furthers growth objectives. Background spans various industries, including retail, professional services, and real estate. Proficiency in digital marketing, social media strategy, and SEO.

You must be clear and concise.

Remember that a transition statement is only needed when you are transitioning. A basic summary is fine if you are only looking for a new job. 

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