Why do employers ask those strange interview questions

Why Do Employers Ask Those Weird Interview Questions?

Why do employers ask weird interview questions? I’ve had clients asked whether they prefer cats or dogs, pens or pencils, red or blue – I mean, it can be pretty ridiculous. Believe it or not; however, there is a method to their madness.

Oddball interview questions take a candidate off-script. 

Weird questions can include “this or that” questions, imaginative questions, moral difficulties, or even questions based on logic. 

By asking questions that are a bit off-beat, interviewers can gain insight into your thought process, problem-solving skills, and honesty. Employers ask these questions to throw you off your A-game and better understand how you would fit on the team. 

While preparing for these questions is a challenge, it isn’t impossible.

Here’s how you can prepare for ‘weird’ interview questions.

Remain calm and confident: you’re supposed to feel thrown.

Employers use these questions to see how you handle situations off-script. Look the interviewer in the eyes, or camera, and remain relaxed  – even if you feel a bit thrown. Smile, and let the interviewer know you appreciate the question. To buy yourself a little time before answering, you can even say, “let me think about that for a moment.”

Think about how this question relates to the job, and answer the question honestly.

Answers to moral quandaries should show that you operate with integrity. This-or-that type of questions should show that you process your answer briefly before responding. Logic questions should always have a solution (try to think of one that utilizes a skill you would need on the job – however silly). Don’t ever just say, “I don’t know.” 


  • Say anything to put down the question or the interviewer (such as “This question is stupid.” or “How does this even relate to the position?”)
  • Try to be someone you’re not – the interviewer wants to gauge your personality, so put forth the best version of yourself.
  • Get too relaxed – you want to be yourself, but you do not want to be inappropriate. 


  • Have fun with the answer in a professional way.
  • Talk through your answer in a friendly and approachable way.
  • Be calm, and remain engaged. 

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