Should I Dress for a Virtual Interview?

Since more and more interviews are being conducted virtually, I have received countless questions from clients who are wondering how they should prepare, how they should act, and believe it or not, what they should wear! With so much having changed over the past year alone, I can understand their uncertainty. Here are some helpful tips to have you dressing your best:

1.) Dress as you would for an in-person interview.

First and foremost, yes, you SHOULD dress for a virtual interview – the same way you would for an in-person interview (which includes from the waist down). Dressing for your interview gives the impression that you are excited about the opportunity (while helping you feel more prepared and confident as you answer questions virtually). Dress for your success!

2.) Avoid any busy prints or bold colors.

Prints and bright colors may not appear as well as they do in person (and may even appear as something they are not), so avoid them altogether. Keep your attire neutral and pleasant to ensure that nothing you wear is harsh on the eyes (or can be confused with something inappropriate). Remember, YOU should be the focus of your interview – not your outfit!

3.) Dress up your workspace as well.

Though most individuals opt to use a standard background, if the person interviewing you is going to be able to see your workspace, ensure that it is “dressed-up” for the interview also. Feel free to have a few family pictures in the background as well as some industry-specific books you enjoy. Any questionable material should be removed.

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