Is it Worth Paying for a Resume Writing Service?

If you are looking for a new job, you have likely spent time researching how to write a resume. With so many different websites offering to write your resume for you, you may be wondering what you should do. As a leading Career Strategist and Job Search Coach, my opinion on this may surprise you.

There is absolutely no one more qualified or better suited to write your resume than YOU. Let me repeat that. YOU are in the best position to write your resume, no matter what the resume-writing services tell you. Here’s why:

1.) Share your voice. How can you feel confident presenting yourself to a recruiter or hiring manager when the documents they have read through aren’t even your own? No one knows or understands your accomplishments more than you. Writing your resume in your own words means you landed the interview yourself. There is no better feeling.

2.) Sometimes, resume services can be highly automated. Think that the content you are receiving from a resume writing service is 100% unique? Think again. Many of these services utilize the same scripts, merely entering your name, contact information, and one or two of your accomplishments. Recruiters and hiring managers recognize these resumes right away. They may receive several for any one job listing – which doesn’t exactly bode well for your candidacy.

3.) You can customize your resume for each position. Applying to numerous positions and need to make some changes? You can do so quickly yourself without having to wait on someone else’s timeline. This will help you get your applications in faster, which is quite essential when searching for a job.

4.) A resume is just a piece of the puzzle. To have your resume entirely rewritten can be incredibly expensive and only pertains to one part of your job search. A job search isn’t just about your resume – it is about searching strategically, networking effectively, knowing how to prepare for an interview, and negotiating your salary.

Here at the Job Search School, I provide my clients with resume templates that are easily customized for each position. My comprehensive training program has helped thousands of job seekers land their dream job, by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to succeed. You can take your career to the next level. Learn how by signing up for my FREE masterclass, today!

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