How to be successful at the job interview

The Secret to a Successful Interview: Research

Research is one of the most critical factors determining whether or not you can make it through an interview successfully. Here’s what to research and why to prepare:

Research the company thoroughly.

Look at the company’s website, LinkedIn profile, press releases, and other social media. Learn more about the company: what they support, and their overall goals. This will help you, A.) Recognize potential red flags (what if you see reports that say the company isn’t doing well?); B.) Allow you to customize your answers to match the company’s needs; and, C.) Determine if this is a company that aligns with your objectives.

Research employee reviews – in detail.

Check out Glassdoor or Indeed and see what employees have to say. Read through each of the reviews individually. While a few negative reviews aren’t anything to be too concerned about, do note any recurring themes. Also, look at the dates when the employees posted the reviews. If you notice many positive reviews within the same time frame, the company may have asked employees to do a blitz (so you shouldn’t necessarily take those reviews into account). Also, see if the company responds to any reviews. Sometimes what they say (or don’t) speaks volumes.

Research the person interviewing you.

That’s right – research the interviewer! It doesn’t hurt to do a quick Google and LinkedIn search so that you can learn more about their background and experience. The more you walk into an interview knowing, the better!

Research salaries.

When speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager, the topic of salary will likely come up. I always advise my clients to turn the question around, asking the interviewer their salary range, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what you’re worth. Use Payscale, Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn to search for the salary range for your position (and in your region) so that you can make sure the estimated range provided is fair.

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