Should you post your resume on all of the job boards

Is it a Good Idea to Upload Your Resume on the Job Boards?

I always get asked by clients if they should upload their resumes to the job boards.

My answer is quite simple.


Here’s why:

1.) Your resume contains detailed information you may not want to be made public.

A public resume could pose a problem if your resume falls into the wrong hands or a competitor sees various accomplishments that your current employer would not want shared in a “public” way. Keeping your resume under wraps unless asked helps prevent many of these security concerns – helping you remain in control of your personal information.

2.) This is your job search – being engaged is essential.

It is always best to allow a recruiter or hiring manager to contact you for your resume (or for you to submit your resume to jobs of interest yourself). This will enable you to remain engaged with the job search process and aware of how your job search is going. This way, you can see what’s working on your resume, what’s not, and what you can do to improve further as you search for a new role. 

3.) You can’t customize your resume for each position!

When searching for a new job, you MUST customize your resume for each position. Posting a general resume for review will ensure you don’t shine or stand out for a role that you are qualified for since your resume isn’t customized. You can miss out on your dream job by doing this. When it comes to your resume, one-size-fits-all is the worst job search strategy you can have. No two positions are the same, so your resume shouldn’t be the same either.

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